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Stemming from the PowerPartners program, the Kansas City Construction Partners (KCCP) was formed, which includes a consortium of construction crafts consisting of management and labor representing more than 300 contractors and more than 7,500 craft workers. 

Provisions of the Five Pillars program were adopted to build the JE Dunn Construction headquarters. This program is template now utilized by labor and management throughout Kansas City and the nation. 

The PowerPartners program developed for the Local Union 124, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Kansas City Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association, is considered a prototype for other building trades to adopt. It incorporates several strategies designed to increase market share.

From this, the Kansas City Construction Partners (KCCP) was formed consisting of a consortium of construction crafts consisting of management and labor representing more than 300 contractors and more than 7,500 craft workers.

The KCCP adopted “Five Pillars” offered to the construction industry.

  • 1. Code of Conduct: Our workforce code of conduct ensures that labor and management will do their parts to ensure an exceptional construction experience.
  • 2. Prioritizing Safety: The KCCP safety program provides a higher level of training and safety awareness for all workers, including supervisors and journeymen.
  • 3. Substance Abuse Prevention: Our standardized substance abuse program meets or exceeds all national standards for helping avoid and eliminate drug and alcohol abuse.
  • 4. Eliminate Work Disruption: KCCP offers a “No Work Disruption Warranty” effectively ensuring there will be no work stoppages or disruptive activity that my impact construction schedules.
  • 5. Jurisdictional Conflict Resolution: Our jurisdictional resolution plan helps eliminate delays and ensures a smooth-running work site.

Provisions of the Five Pillars were adopted to build the 204,277 square foot corporate headquarters for JE Dunn Construction that was completed in 2009. This program is now viewed as a future template to be utilized by labor and management throughout Kansas City and the nation.

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